Psalm 1:2

But they delight in the law of the Lord, meditating on it day and night. 

Good Morning Father,
What a beautiful morning You have created. The air is still crisp but the sun is warming the earth as it rises. That’s just what You do for me each day. I don’t always feel Your presence with me, but as Your Son rises in my soul, I come to life with His warmth. How precious You are to me!

I have to confess Father, I don’t always have delight when I think on Your Word. There are times the words come in through my eyes and never even stick long enough for me to remember what I read. I know I’m reading them, but I don’t comprehend.

Today, with Your help, I want to change that. I would like for You to give me a verse that I can think on throughout my day. As I jot it on a card to take with me everywhere, please give me insight and wisdom into what You are telling me. Help me to understand what You are saying. Please give me the delight to be in Your Word.

But, I know Father, I can ‘memorize’, ‘meditate’, and ‘ponder’ on a verse my whole life and that still isn’t enough. I want to live Your Word. Give me the strength to start today with one verse, so I will be a delight to You!

Published by Carol Willhoit

I am a mother of 2 and grandmother of 4. I love my Jesus and wish to share Him with anyone who would listen. My family and my LORD are the joys of my heart!

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