1 Corinthians 1:9

God will do this, for He is faithful to do what He says, and He has invited you into partnership with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Good Morning Father,
Oh my goodness! You are so amazingly wonderful, my heart wants to explode with joy this morning. My first thought was of You. I was encouraged to get out of a warm bed and come to You in our private place and know Your presence. You have opened my eyes in Your Word and I am awed with the out pouring of Your love on me.

I love You Father!

Your faithfulness to me is unexplainable. I am so undeserving of it, yet, I am so grateful You haven’t given up on me. You are constantly calling me to come, holding out Your arms so I can snuggle in. How could I not come?

Yet, this morning I’m reminded again that You have invited me to be a partner with Your Son! I’m not just a hired servant, I’m His partner! You have asked me to do my life with the Messiah! How could I not accept this invitation?

But, there are many times through the day, LORD, that I do reject You. I don’t want You to see where I’m going, my actions towards someone else, or even what I am thinking. Please forgive, help me to open up all the areas of my life so I will be a good and faithful partner. I want others to know of this relationship I have with You!

Published by Carol Willhoit

I am a mother of 2 and grandmother of 4. I love my Jesus and wish to share Him with anyone who would listen. My family and my LORD are the joys of my heart!

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