1 Peter 4:10

God has given each of you a gift from His great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.

Good Morning Jesus!
I am getting so excited for Christmas morning. It’s always so fun to open gifts, even if they are the ones I’ve given myself! To think that You will be right there beside me will make the morning even more special!

As I’ve been getting ready for Christmas, buying gifts, wrapping them and thinking about the person they are going to, You have reminded me that You have given me a gift also. My most precious gift from You is Your love and the knowledge that You are God and died for me. My gift of Your presence is priceless and I will praise You forever.

Your Word this morning reminds me that You have given me another gift, maybe more than one, that I may share with others. Have I even opened that gift, LORD? Have I taken the time to even understand that You have gifted me with something so special, only I can use it as You desire?

I know it can be a struggle to find my spiritual gift, or it can be an adventure, and it can take more than just this Christmas morning to see the full potential of my gift. Help me this day, Jesus, to sit with You, maybe I even need to start by asking for a clear vision of my gift, to be patient in the discovery, to have joy in the understanding.

As I take this adventure with You, my Jesus, I want to give You a gift this morning. I want to gift You my life, to live for You and to love with Your glory!Amen

Published by Carol Willhoit

I am a mother of 2 and grandmother of 4. I love my Jesus and wish to share Him with anyone who would listen. My family and my LORD are the joys of my heart!

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